I’m pleased to announce that a new book I’ve been working on called Ipswich in 50 Buildings will be published on 15th June 2019.

I will be celebrating the release of the book with a book signing event at Ipswich Museum on Saturday 6th July at 2pm where the book will also be available to buy from the museum shop. All are very welcome to attend – it would be great to see you there!

Ipswich in 50 Buildings PosterHere’s the blurb if you would like to know more about Ipswich in 50 Buildings:

Ipswich has a fascinating history dating back to its Anglo-Saxon roots as a settlement on the banks of the River Orwell in East Anglia. Since then, the town has been one of England’s most important ports, a centre for the medieval wool trade, and in the Victorian era developed into a thriving industrial hub. The distinctive history of Ipswich is embodied in the buildings that have shaped the town through the centuries, as successive generations have left their own architectural marks.

Ipswich in 50 Buildings explores the rich history of the town through a selection of its architectural gems, from magnificent medieval churches and Tudor treasures such as Christchurch Mansion, to modern masterpieces such as the groundbreaking design of the Willis Building. Author and historian Caleb Howgego celebrates Ipswich’s architectural heritage in a new and accessible way as he guides the reader around the town’s historic and modern buildings.

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