This is a blog about the history of Ipswich, the town in which I live. Each post will concern itself with either a period of Ipswich’s history or with an area or theme throughout its history.

I’m Caleb Howgego, the author of this Blog. The aim of my writing here is to look at the history of a small and reasonably unexceptional town in England and find out just how rich and interesting it has the potential to be. The real theme of this blog is to show that, even where you least expect it to be, history can be surprising, engaging, full of interest and sometimes even comical. Where better to try to do this than in your own home town?

2 Replies to “About”

  1. Hello Caleb – My wife’s aunt’s brother died recently in Ipswich. He was married to Joyce Elenora Howgego who died Oct 30 1984. We were wondering if you have done any research on the Howgegos in Ipswich? Her father was a pork butcher in Ipswich. Thanking you in advance,

    David Clarke

  2. Hi David, I’m sorry to hear of your family’s recent loss. Unfortunately I’ve not done any research on the Howgego family in Ipswich. The only advice I can give you is to speak to the Ipswich branch of Suffolk Record Office. They should have all the documents you would want to consult and they also run a service to research family history for you if you would find that easier, although I think you have to pay for it. http://www.suffolk.gov.uk/libraries-and-culture/culture-and-heritage/suffolk-record-office/contact-suffolk-record-office/ipswich-record-office/

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