Creating Constable

Creating Constable tells the story of an emerging artist. John Constable 1776-1837, was born in Suffolk and today is recognised as one of the most important of all British artists. He was an artist who changed not only how we paint but perhaps more importantly, how we look at the landscape.

The area where he was born, grew up, and painted is now world-famous as ‘Constable Country’. His work has influenced and inspired generations of people. Who influenced Constable on his journey to becoming an artist? Who were his early mentors and supporters? How was his career nurtured by East Anglian artists and patrons?

Colchester and Ipswich now house one of the most significant selections of artworks by Constable, in their civic collections. For the first time Creating Constable will reveal these collections in print, alongside the story of the East Anglian people he knew and worked with. It provides the insight into how Constable started his career and where his creativity came from.

This beautifully illustrated book was written to compliment an exhibition of the same name, impressively researched and curated by Emma Roodhouse for Colchester and Ipswich Museums Service. I was asked to contribute a chapter to paint a picture of Ipswich during the time John Constable was visiting.

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